Sep 26

10.06.12 ::: inciting 6-Year Anniversary w/ Andy Stott

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luxury problems

click image for facebook event page.

:::Andy Stott [live] [Modern Love || Manchester UK]
:::metasplice [live] [Morphine Records || Phila]
:::shaved [live] [Vague Faction || Phila]
:::Lara [inciting/Voder Records/Custom Nightlife || Phila]
:::Dan Trevitt [inciting/great cirlces || Phila]
:::Rudy Kardos [rizumu || Phila]
:::Shino Urena [familarise || Phila]
:::futbol heroes [inciting/great circles || Phila]

$15 // inciting hq // 940 n de la /wa_re ave // byo // free h2o


Sep 18

09.22.12 ::: Mike Dehnert at inciting hq

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Photo of Mike Dehnert by Marie Staggat
fb event page

Mike Dehnert [Fachwerk || Berlin]
w/Jamie Morris+Dan Trevitt+Matt Cue [live]+pandemix

NikSound // inciting hq // 9 4 0 n del a w a r e ave
$15 // byo // free h2o // no bs


For the last 4+ years, Mike Dehnert’s music has been omnipresent among inciting DJs. Rarely is there an inciting event where no Mike Dehnert track is heard. We are pleased to finally bring Mike to Philly and to be a part of his first visit to the US. A Berghain favorite, much of Mike’s work can be found on his own labels Fachwerk & MD2 w/additional records released by Delsin, Clone [Basement Series], Echochord Colour, Colombage & Deeply Rooted House.


listen to a recent set by Mike here:::
Photo from a series by Marie Staggat

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