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in || between

philadelphia artists. philadelphia djs.
inciting’s first friday monthly returns. after the gallery rounds, head to 1601 in south philly for a new monthly exhibit, adventurous djing, great food, an excellent selection of beers on tap, and friendly people.

in may we are featuring the work of candace price.

artist’s statement:::
The complexities of the universe combined with the confusing chemical reactions controlling our human brains produce the ambition behind my creations. I have not yet gained full consciousness on my purpose in life or to what my actions will lead; nevertheless I have accepted that this knowledge is most likely unattainable. In the meantime, implementing the ideas formulated by experience, emotion and observation in the form of visual art aides my quest for answers and objectives.

dj sets by pandemix + jason carr + mad
covering a much wider range of electronic and other music forms than the dancefloor typically allows

no cover / 21+
1601 s 10th street [at tasker]

thanks to paco laborde for his ongoing support at 1601 and to frank magazine for their promotional support.

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